Nerd talk: In physics, Felkrem (Ful-crum) is the support point on which a lever pivots, making it something that plays a central role in the pivotal movement of that lever. We believe that we at Felkrem, are that point of support for all of our athletes who are pivoting forward in their careers. From an academy player getting their first pro contract to a veteran who is on the brink of becoming a franchise player. Just like an object needs a stable and supporting felkrem, so do athletes who are in the path to greatness



Sponsorship Endorsements

With over $30m worth of deals negotiated, we have worked with some of the largest brands, creating unique and lucrative partnerships between them and our client athletes.

Contract Negotiation

We identify and negotiate the playing contracts of professional athletes around the world, helping them secure top pay for their talents

Marketing & PR

Our athletes are brands and our job is to ensure that brand grows organically, consistently and in a way that will be attractive to new fans as well as potential sponsors

Athlete Representation

We manage our athletes' lives off the field so don't have to worry about anything other than to focus on becoming the best they can be on the field